Geshe Yeshi Gawa 

After finishing his studies he went on to become one of His Holiness the Dalai Lama's biographers. He wrote three books about Tibetan Buddhism, its culture and history. As a Buddhist teacher he appeared at seminars, conventions and lectures in Europe and the USA. At Tibet Open House, you can visit his courses and meditations, along with occasional lectures.

The meaning of life is to free all creatures of their suffering and their causes, and guide them to a peaceful enlightenment.
Geshe Yeshi Gawa

Tibet Open House 

Tibet Open House is established and supported by the Linhart foundation. Project Tibet Open House was personally blessed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama in 2016 at the event of personal audience of Geshe Yeshi Gawa and Jan Mayer. The project was later also blessed by His Holiness Karmapa.

Three main commitments of H.H. the Dalai Lama


Human values  ⦾  Religious tolerance  ⦾  Preservation of Tibetan culture

The initiative to open Tibet Open House originated in the Linhart foundation as a result of a long-standing interest in the Far East. Our goal is to introduce the topography of the Tibetan region to the general public and give some insight into its culture and philosophy. We also host lectures, exhibitions, workshops and other cultural events in order to introduce the figures of spiritual tradition and teaching, art and philosophy of the East and the West.

The mission of the project is to mutually recognize these two cultures, search for common ground and allow them to inspire and learn from one another.

The Linhart foundation was established in 1987. Its goal is to create and support projects that help develop the opinions and the societal and artistic expression of the contemporary generation. The foundation creates an environment for creative work and youth and artist encounters and introduces art to the general public.

The people

More faces that constitute Tibet Open House


For many years I have worked for significant Czech cultural institutions and the Indian Council for Cultural Relations. Additionally I have been interested in Buddhism and H. H.  Dalai Lama's teachings my entire life. Tibet Open House met me, and I was ready.


I am very happy I can apply my energy and use my experience from marketing and life to such a beautiful project that resonates so well with my calling.


A good soul in Tibet Open House that will always give you the warmest of welcomes, regale you and help you navigate in our space.



I enjoy doing things that make sense. Tibet open house is a place of personal development and growth. I am delighted to be a part of it and I wish to provide all incoming visitors supporting environment.


Second genuine Tibetan in our center, volunteer, Tibetan artist and our supporter.


Originally from Mexico, Buddhist by heart, our volunteer and frequent guest.

We are not always meditating; you can also find us on social media...