Right in the heart of Prague you can encounter and experience Tibetan culture. We are a multicultural space open to everyone interested in Tibetan history, tradition, art, philosophy and religion.

Since 2017, Geshe Yeshi Gawa has served as the Resident Lama of Tibet Open House. Here at the Tibet Open House we aim to promote and preserve Tibetan culture through Dharma, Education, Ecology, Culture and Community.  

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Basics of Throat and Aliquot Singing Course with Ivo Charitonov. - 25.07.2020/10:30-16:00

We are offering a course in the basics of throat and aliquot singing led by Ivo Charitonov.
The course is also intended for non-singers, i.e. people who have never worked with their voice.
No musical or singing experience is needed.
With this course you will discover unexpected possibilities in your own voice and find new potential in yourself.
You will get acquainted with your voice, which can be a means of relaxation and active voice meditation.
The techniques you use can be used to relieve stress, clear your voice, open up communication and explore a new way of expressing yourself.

Course contents: voice warm-up, technique "UI", technique "NG", so-called bird technique, khoomei, kargyraa

Date: 25.7.2020
Time: 10:30 - 16:00
Place: Tibet Open House, Školská 28, Prague 1
Price: 1 500 CZK (deposit of 500 CZK required)
For Registration send email to: ivo.charitonov@gmail.com

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