Right in the heart of Prague you can encounter and get to know Tibetan culture. We are a space for everyone interested in Tibet, its history, tradition, art, philosophy and religion.

The Residential Lama of Open Tibet House has been Geshe Yeshi Gawa since 2017. He was born in eastern Tibet, studied in the Loseling monastery in southern India and later on in Dharamsala.

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As a result of government measures against coronavirus we are closing Tibet Open House
until further notice.

Keep up to date here on the web.
We wish you good health.

Interview with Tibetan doctor

Due to Corona virus situation we had to cancel this lecture - SOWA RIGPA III with the topic "Healthy nourishment according to Tibetan medicine".

Nevertheless, Darima Balzhinimaeva MD, MS - a doctor of Tibetan medicine, gave us an interview - you can read it in the article here and watch the video interview on your YouTube here.

Full-moon mantra recitation

We have prepared the 7th, 8th and 9th week of online teaching for you. We welcome your support in the form of contributions. Please read more on our website and Facebook. We look forward to you.

Videos from the online teaching

We have prepared six videos for you from online teaching we offer:

Mindfulness meditation
Recitation of mantras - new video is from the recitation of the mantra of 20th Tara
Support in loneliness - questions and answers

You can find them on our YouTube 

We are not always meditating; you can also find us on social media...

Saka Dawa (also known as Saga Dawa) (ས་ག་ཟླ་བ།) represents the holiest and most sacred days in Tibetan Buddhism. Falling on the fourth month of the Tibetan Calendar, the religious festivities of Saka…

SAVE THE DATE: Join the 4th episode of our Tibet Climate Crisis Talk series - Murder on the Mekong: #China’s Megadams and Downstream Impacts. Guest speakers include Michael Buckley, the award-winning…

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama recognised Gedhun Choekyi Nyima, born on 25th April 1989 in Tibet, as the 11th Panchen Lama on 14th May 1995. He and his parents disappeared on #17th May 1995 and…

#LIVE BROADCAST FROM INDIAN His Holiness the #dalai Lama's two-day teaching on Nagarjuna's "Precious Garland" from his residence in Dharamsla, HP, India on May 16-17, 2020. By request His Holiness…

Sculptor Chhemet Rigzin from #Ladhak#india right no he in Czech Republic as an invited artist at #linharts foundation artist residence. For more info CLICk on Bio .@buddha108ft #Buddha…

Online live broadcast #teaching by Geshe Yeshi Gawa from Tibet Open House about #Mindfulness,#Buddist #philosophy and #mantra recitation. Please join us: for more info please click on bio.

Prince Charles and His Holiness the #dalailama #planting #Magnolia #tree in #Prince Charles #garden. #buddhaquotes #ecology#environment

Full Moon mantra recitation, Thursday 7 May from 6.30 PM via ZOOM #duševýchoduvsrdcievropy #tibetopenhouse#Tara#mantrasession#fullmoon#úplněk#buddha108ft#