Mindfulness Meditation: Become Stress-free & Increase Your Daily Happiness

Mindfulness Meditation: Become Stress-free & Increase Your Daily Happiness

Author: Anna Benedek

Mindfulness meditation is a basic practice that comes from Tibetan Buddhism. The benefits of meditation are widely known today: it can help you reduce stress, increase calmness even in difficult situations, and walk you down the path of clarity, acceptance and joy. Learn how to practice meditation and about our meditation course in Prague!

What is Mindfulness Meditation

While you probably wonder how to meditate, we invite you to our online mediation sessions (or in person when the restrictions allow us) where you can try out our guided meditation class with the help of our resident Lama. Plus, in this article we provide you with some tips on how to meditate!

One of the most important things you’ll learn when you meditate is staying in the present moment. Being present in every moment as you go through life truly leads to tranquillity and calm as you are not worried about the future or the past. Instead, you are just present, observing yourself, your body, your breath without judging anything or anyone. 

How to Practice Mindfulness Meditation

There are different meditation exercises that you can try out to help you master mindfulness. We listed a few below to give you an idea: 

You can observe your breath keeping your attention closely on your breathing. You follow the air as it enters your body through the nostrils and fills up your lungs and then leaves your body by exhaling through the mouth. You can repeat this 21 times and then start over or do another exercise.

Body scan meditation is another great exercise you can do. With your eyes closed, you start to scan your body by focusing on each body part, one-by-one slowly moving on to the next. You can start with your toes and finish with the top of your head.

You’ll often find that the mind starts to wander and you get distracted. But don’t worry, this is completely normal. When thoughts pass through your mind you can simply allow them to come and go, and without following them you bring your attention back to the meditation exercise you are doing (e.g. focusing on your breath, body scan or loving kindness). 

On our courses you can practice and attempt to become the master of your own mind! Learn more about the mindfulness meditation course at Prague Tibet Open House.

Benefits of Meditation

There are plenty of studies showing how mindfulness meditation helps the brain. It supports you to deal with anxiety and depression not only when you are sitting on the cushion, but also in any everyday, stressful situation that you might encounter. 

By practicing meditation you can also:

  • Reduce stress levels in your body
  • Learn how to control your anxiety over things
  • Become more self-aware
  • Lead a more balanced lifestyle
  • Improve your mental health
  • Focus better in everyday tasks too
  • Sleep better 

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